Animal Control



As of April 10, 2013, the City has contracted with “All American Dogs” of Pilot Point to provide animal control services for our citizens.  In addition to performing regular patrols throughout Tioga, they will now act as your first point of contact for loose/stray animals, deceased animals on roadways (for their removal) and any other domestic animal service anyone might need.  ”All American Dogs” provides twenty four (24) hours of coverage, five days a week (Monday thru Friday) and will respond to emergencies on weekends (I.E. aggressive, injured or sick animals, dog bites etc.) when contacted through the police department.  Please follow the link below to be taken directly to their web site so you can become more familiar with them and the services they offer.

All American Dogs
Address:  12860 Tischler Rd  Pilot Point, TX 76258
Contact Number:  (972) 382-3647


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