Animal Control



Please contact the Tioga Police Department for all animal control needs. The Police Department will assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Office Phone           940-437-5293

Cell Phones             903-870-6214;  903-870-6215;  903-814-7705

All American Dogs will continue to provide routine patrols throughout the City and will respond to calls during normal weekday business hours.

We will continue to work with All American Dogs on issues pertaining to the trapping and removal of wild animals such as skunks and possums.  The only stipulation for this will be that traps must be provided (or approved by) All American Dogs prior to any trapping.  Please know that the City will incur a fee for any animal removal, not the actual trapping itself.  Because of this, in the event a domestic pet happens to be caught instead of a wild animal, it will be the property owner’s responsibility to clear the trap (or they can call City Hall for assistance).  All-American dogs would then need to be notified so they can come out and “re-bait” the trap.

All American Dogs asks that you contact them when looking for your lost pet. Part of their mission is to reunite lost pets with their families. The other part of their mission is to find homes for dogs and cats that need a family to love them. Adopt don’t shop!

Please follow the link provided below to be taken directly to their web site so you can become more familiar with them and the services they offer.

All American Dogs
Address:  12860 Tischler Rd  Pilot Point, TX 76258
Contact Number:  (972) 382-3647


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