Permits are required for the following activities:


Alcohol Sales

On November 7, 2017, Tioga voters passed a measure to legalize the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages including mixed beverages. A permit must be obtained from both the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the City of Tioga before any business may sell alcoholic beverages.

Information regarding alcohol sales

Ordinance 355 – alcohol regulations 

Annual Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application

Building Permits

Permits must be obtained before constructing any variety of projects including, but not limited to, residential dwellings, accessory buildings,  swimming pools, fences, signs and commercial buildings. Permits are also required for remodeling and additions. While some projects may not require a permit, they are subject to the rules and regulations of Ordinance 259, commonly known as the planning and zoning ordinance, and the International Building Codes which have been adopted by the City.

The City contracts with Atlas Municipal Services to perform construction plan review and building inspections. To request an inspection, email

Rock, concrete, scraps of building materials or other trash resulting from building or remodeling operations will not be removed by the City or it’s contractor. However, any person may contract with the City’s franchise hauler or contractor for the disposition of such materials. If you need a large roll off dumpster for construction, remodeling or cleaning out a house, please contact Republic Services at 972-316-0789 to make arrangements for a dumpster and to set up an account. No person shall collect garbage, trash or refuse within the City except a person, firm, or corporation who has a contract or franchise with the city.

Ordinance 259 -Planning and Zoning Regulations part 1

Ordinance 259, Planning and Zoning Regulations, Pt 2

Ordinance 282-Temporay Signs (amends Ord 259)

Ordinance 302- Land Use (amend Ord 259)

Ordinance 320-Sign Reg (amends Ord 259)

Ordinance 338 (amends Ord. 259, Section 15, C-3 zoning)


Ord 2023-428. Updated CIP and Impact Fees

Ord 2023-430 Fee Schedule for City Services








To file a subdivision plat, an application for a zoning change, specific use permit or variance, you will need to file a Planning Application.

Culvert Installation

Ord 387 – Culvert regulations and permits

*Culvert Permit Application

Fence Installation

Ord 388 – Fence regulations and permits

*Fence permit application

A permit is required in order to hold a garage sale at any time other than the City Wide Garage Sale” held the first weekend in October. A garage sale includes porch sales, yard sales, estate sales, or any kind of outdoor auction. No more than four garage sales can be held during any twelve month period (including the “City Wide Garage Sale”) at any individual property address. No sale shall last more than three consecutive days.

Ordinance 76 – Garage Sale Regulations

Garage/Yard Sale Permit Application

Mobile Food Establishments

Ord 381-Mobile Food Unit Regulation

Mobile Food Establishment Permit Application

Peddling, Solicitation, Itinerant Vendor

Any person, partnership, firm or corporation wishing to peddle, sell, solicit, exhibit or take orders for any goods, wares, merchandise, foodstuffs, services, subscriptions to magazines or publications must first obtain a permit from the City Secretary.

Ord. 372 – Peddler, Solicitor, Itinerant Vendor

Vendor Permit Application

Right-of-Way Management

Ordinance 346 – right-of-way ord

Wireless Services Design Manual

Operation of Golf Carts and Off-Road Recreational Vehicles

Application for Permit for Operation of Golf Cart

Application for Permit for Operation of Recreational Off-Road Vehicle

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