Racial Profiling Policy

It is the policy of the Tioga Police Department to give equal treatment, under the law, to all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, politics, national origin, lifestyle or similar characteristics.  Our officers will only stop and detain citizens when reasonable suspicion or probably cause exists to believe they have committed, are committing or are about to commit a violation of the law, or for other lawful purposes.  Tioga police officers are prohibited from initiating any action that constitutes racial or biased-based profiling.


Complaint Process

  • Any individual who believes that a peace officer employed by this Department has engaged in racial profiling with respect to that individual, may file a complaint with any supervisor of the Department
  • In accordance with Article 2.132 (f) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, a member who is the subject of a racial profiling complaint will be provided a copy of the recording of the motor vehicle stop in question, upon written request of the officer.
  • The complaint will be received, processed, investigated and adjudicated in accordance with the Tioga Police Department’s Administrative Investigations Policy

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