Municipal Court

Tioga Municipal Court is a limited jurisdiction court serving the citizens of the City of Tioga, Texas. The Court has jurisdiction over traffic violations, parking citations and local ordinances that include shoplifting, disturbances, assaults, code violations, animal violation and domestic violence matters. The Municipal Court Judge and Court Clerk are appointed by the City Council.

Presiding Judge:                      Thomas Worsham, Jr.

Associate Judge:                            Deborah Hale

Court Clerk:          Donna Carney

The Tioga Municipal Court is located at 600 Main Street, Tioga, Texas.

Office hours:      Monday-Friday 8 AM  to 5PM

Your Court Date can be found on the citation you received.  You can also check the calendar for upcoming court dates. Please call 940-437-2351, to verify your court date or if you have any questions regarding your court appearance.

Contact the Court prior to your scheduled appearance date if you have any questions regarding:

  • fine amounts
  • compliance dismissals
  • driver’s safety courses.(Please note that you must sign all the required paperwork and pay all the required fees before the court will grant permission for you to take a driving safety course. We cannot accept a course that was taken prior to obtaining the court’s permission.)
  • deferred disposition
  • any other matter

Please note that while you are welcome to contact the court by telephone with questions regarding your court appearance, you are NOT able to settle any court matter by telephone. You MUST APPEAR IN PERSON OR BY ATTORNEY in order to enter a plea or request a compliance dismissal, driver’s safety course or deferred disposition.

Call the Court Clerk at 940-437-2351 prior to your court date to request a reset of your court appearance to a different date. You must speak to the Clerk and receive verbal consent of the change in court date. Leaving a voice mail or email does not constitute a request for a reset.


Contact information:

Phone: 940-437-2351
     Tioga Municipal Court

P.O. Box 206
Tioga, Texas 76271

Dress Code for Court Appearance

Everyone must dress appropriately for court. Please adhere to the following rules:

  • No shorts
  • No mini-skirts
  • No shirts with foul language or inappropriate printing
  • No tank tops
  • No torn, oily or dirty clothing
  • No hats (men only)


The Court accepts cash, money orders, cashier’s checks and debit and credit cards for the payment of fines and fees. No Personal Checks Accepted. Debit and Credit card payments are subject to a 4% convenience fee.

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