Police Department

Tioga Police Department:
(940) 437-2351        

You may call City Hall to leave a message for the Police Department during regular office hours. 940-437-2351

Grayson County Sheriff’s Office:
(903) 813-4200


On behalf of the men and women of the Tioga Police Department, welcome to our Internet site!   This is a unique community, filled with friendly citizens and a rich Texas history we are very proud of.    It is our sincere hope that our web design reflects the town’s personality and want you to know that it was created to help you stay connected with your officers, to keep you informed of crime trends and to provide you with some invaluable on-line resources.

Although a small agency by most standards, I believe you will find our officers strive to provide you with the most professional and courteous police services available anywhere in the State of Texas.  We are committed to this mission and you have my promise that the quality of your officers will never be limited by the size of our budget.  We will always place tremendous value on maintaining a positive relationship with our law-abiding citizens and preserving the the public trust we have been given.

Please know that any constructive input you have regarding the services we provide and our performance is not only welcome, but appreciated.  Ultimately, we realize that earning your support is critically important to our ability to successfully police this community.  After all, this is your police department and I want it to be one you are proud of.

It is an honor to serve as one of your lawmen.  You have an open invitation to stop by the police department and visit with us.

Curtis Macomb, Chief of Police
(903) 870-6215




Mission Statement

To maintain peace and prosperity by the aggressive, professional and compassionate enforcement of the law.



We WILL demonstrate a daily commitment to the following values:

Leadership by setting a positive example, serving our community and going beyond what is required.

Professionalism by a consistent commitment to excellence.

Compassion by showing empathy and genuine concern for our fellow man.

Integrity by consistently doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

Fairness by enforcing “spirit” of the law and not only the “letter”  of the law.

Loyalty by serving the needs of our community and profession above our own.

Courage by making the hard decisions and facing danger with both boldness and confidence.

Teamwork by working well with others to get the job done.

Enthusiasm by displaying a positive and energetic demeanor in our daily work.

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