Outdoor Warning Sirens

The City of Tioga operates outdoor warning sirens (OWS) that sound during severe weather emergencies. The sirens are placed within the city and are designed to warn people who are in common outdoor areas such as parks and shopping centers. The sirens are not meant to be heard indoors. The outdoor warning sirens will ONLY be used when there is severe life-threatening weather and not for regular thunderstorms and small hail. When the OTW are activated, remain calm and immediately take shelter indoors.

The City of Tioga highly recommends each home and business have other means to receive severe weather warnings and alerts, including a mobile telephone application, radio, watching television, or a NOAA weather radio which can be programmed with a code to activate when there are weather warnings in our area.

Residents and business owners are also encouraged to sign up for Grayson County’s CodeRED Emergency Notification System. More information and registration information can be found in the quick links section on the City of Tioga webpage at tiogatx.gov.

The City of Tioga will only activate it’s OWS in the following circumstances:

  • A tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service
  • Tornado or funnel cloud reported by trained SKYWARN storm spotters
  • Sustained winds of 70 mph or greater
  • Reports of hail larger than 1.25 inches
  • Other emergencies as deemed necessary (civil defense, evacuation, etc.)

OWS Testing

The City of Tioga will test it’s OWS on the second Monday of each month at 1:00 pm. If conditions prohibit the OWS to be tested, such as storms forecasted or active in the area, the testing will be delayed until the next available weekday where conditions allow for the testing to be completed. The delayed OWS testing will be conducted at 1:00 pm.

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