Planning and Zoning

Please follow this link, for current information concerning  Tioga’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

 Planning and Zoning Commission Members:

Arlene Joice, Chairperson

Kristi Staples

Kim Chimblo

Lori Robinson

Dallas Slay


ORD 259 -Planning and Zoning Regulations part 1

ORD 259, Planning and Zoning Regulations, Pt 2

Ord 282-Temporay Signs

Ord 157- Subdivision regulations

Ord 194-Subdivision Regulations (amends Ord 157)

Ord 250- Subdivision ordinance (amends 157)

Ord 275- Subdivision Plats

USPS Builder and Developer Information Packet for Cluster Box Units

You will need to file a planning application in order to file a subdivision plat, a request for a zoning change, specific use permit or variance. The application should be filed with the City Secretary’s office at City Hall.

Click on the link below to see the final results of the 2016 Community Survey conducted by the Planning and Zoning Commission.


2016 Community Survey Results


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