Planning and Zoning

Please follow this link, for current information concerning  Tioga’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

 Planning and Zoning Commission Members:

Arlene Joice, Chairperson

Kristi Staples

Kim Chimblo

Lori Robinson

Dallas Slay


ORD 259 -Planning and Zoning Regulations part 1

ORD 259, Planning and Zoning Regulations, Pt 2

Ord 282-Temporay Signs

Ord 157- Subdivision regulations

Ord 194-Subdivision Regulations (amends Ord 157)

Ord 250- Subdivision ordinance (amends 157)

Ord 275- Subdivision Plats

USPS Builder and Developer Information Packet for Cluster Box Units

You will need to file a planning application in order to file a subdivision plat, a request for a zoning change, specific use permit or variance. The application should be filed with the City Secretary’s office at City Hall.


Application for Zone Change – Metallic Land Company


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